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Lavande Gift Box - Large

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  • Lavande - {French}: noun - a bunch of lavender

    Celebrate Mother's Day by gifting our stunning "bunch" of lavender inspired items including: 

    -Set of 4 glass straws with lavender sprig detail (includes cleaning brush) by 123 Lavender Farm

    -Iced beverage can glass with bamboo wood lid, including the option to include personalized engraving on the lid

    -Organic French lavender hand cream tube by 123 Farm

    -Soothing lavender-scented shower steamer by Cocoa Body Co

    -Three (3) sea salt caramels by Mouth Party

    -Packet of Anellabees Vera Lavender seeds to start a lavender garden of your own

    Beautifully displayed in our large signature pine wooden gift box (which we encourage to be repurposed as a recipe, photo or storage box) with lilac colored chiffon ribbon, dried lavender sprigs, and a handwritten logo notecard.

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