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I'm Lauren (or Lo as my friends call me) and the creator of Box + Bow Gifting Studio. After becoming a new mom to our little love, Avery, I left my corporate job in the tech industry to be a full time stay-at-home mom. I needed a creative outlet that allowed me to raise my daughter while pursuing my dream of owning a small business. 
With a baby on one hip and my ribbon scissors in the other, I curated gifts from the pool table top in our home for the first two years, until we were bursting out the seams and buried in shred...literally. In April of 2017, we took the plunge and opened our own studio in Brentwood, Northern California,
We fulfilled gifts in our little creative space for nearly a year and a half until my husband and I took another big plunge and moved our family from CA to NC (yep, a cross country move!). We closed up shop and brought the business back home to the third floor of our new house. We struggled to lug 40lb boxes of shred up two flights of stairs, our porch was overflowing with packages, and our garage was filled with two pallets of boxes at a time. Quite literally, we were bursting out the seams AGAIN.
December 2019, I gave Ryan an ultimatum that he was either quitting his corporate career and coming on board with Box and Bow full time, or I was calling it quits. We both knew the answer, and moved operations out of our house into a new 3,000+ sq. ft. commercial warehouse (with a loading dock!). 

I am humbled and honestly, still pinching myself, to look back and see how this little "side hobby" has grown from a one-mom-show to employing 7 team members and becoming our family's livelihood, We can't thank you all for supporting our passion and allowing us to serve you through gifting. We truly hope our boxes will become a treasured gift to you and those you love!!


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